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“Laura Ngo, the Medical Director who did the treatment checked up with me everyday to monitor the progress of my treatment.  She made sure that my treatment is going the way it is suppose to.  I responded very well with my first treatment and is definitely coming back for more treatment. Laura is so nice and very attentive to the details of my treatment.”

– Beth, Highland, CA

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“This place is awesome!  Great owner and professional.  She's a great doctor and actually does the consult and procedures not like most places which use a nurse.  Also great service and follow up care!!  She really took a lot of time and did a great job.  Would recommend in a heart beat!!!!”

– Anon, Newport Beach, CA

“Dr. Laura Ngo was very knowledgeable and I trust that she is a MD who will be doing the treatment. She gave me some advise as to what will be best for my condition and didn't up sell me for anything else. She is solid in character and very professional. I would totally recommend Dr. Laura  Ngo for her professionalism and hassle free character.”

– Kammie, Placentia, CA

“As my 45th birthday gift, I went to see Dr. Ngo. I needed to treat my face, and I wanted a real doctor to take care of me.  Face is not the place where mistakes can be hidden.  Dr Ngo checked my skin type and selected the safest treatment. The results are phenomenal! I was getting a lot of complements even after my first treatment. Thank you, Dr. Ngo for wiping  years of stress and sleepless nights off my face. I recommend you with no hesitation!”

– Elena, Highland, CA